June Munski Feenan

Veggies for the Food Bank

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We will donate your amount of fresh vegetables to the North Valley Food Bank.  You decide if you want us to deliver $25 or $1000 or fresh veggies.  The Whitefish food bank provides much needed food to hungry locals.  

Here's how it works.  You purchase online an amount that you wish to donate, and we will deliver our in-season produce to the Whitefish food bank.  If you want Purple Frog to deliver $100 worth of our local produce like kale, chard, onions or lettuce, simply purchase 4 of the $25 options.

We'll deliver the locally grown food with or without your name (tell us if you want to stay anonymous) directly to the new facility here in Whitefish.  If your donation is too large for one weeks' worth of distribution at the food bank, we'll likely opt to stagger our delivery amount over several weeks to keep the produce fresh.

We are so proud of June Munski Feenan and the fantastic work she did for 40 years to help feed hungry locals and kids. 

June, you make us proud to be part of Whitefish.

For more information about the local food bank visit www.northvalleyfoodbank.org