About Us

Purple Frog Gardens is a family market farm on the outskirts of Whitefish, Montana. We are the most local farm in Whitefish, right off Blanchard Lake.  Since 1991, Pam Gerwe and Mike Jopek have slowly coaxed this farm out of rocky clay soil with the help of countless volunteers, community members, and young people.

We are a no spray farm.   We do not use genetically modified seed nor do we use synthetic pesticides or herbicides.   We hand pull weeds and spend a lot of time building soil and composting.   The secret to good food is good soil.

–Pam Gerwe

A partner/operator of Purple Frog Gardens, a first generation market farm in Whitefish, MT. Working with teenagers and community members in the dirt is one of her favorite things to do. She likes making compost, vermicompost and driving the tractor. Slowly decreasing the farm flock of laying hens from a high of 750, she hopes never to have more than 200 chickens again.  Currently she has no chickens.

She loves the way the year divides her attentions. About 3/4 the year is spent farming/marketing and growing food/community. The other 1/4 she gets to travel around the Flathead Valley and Montana to talk about farming, growing food, community and the importance of eating local.

–Mike Jopek

Mike is also a first generation farmer and the other partner/operator.   He is a retired Montana Legislator and now is eager to again help run the family farm.   He served as Chairman of the House Agriculture committee and appreciates the vastness of Montana farmers.

Mike says that the secret to growing good food is in the soil.  He says that if you would like to come volunteer at the farm on Wednesday mornings, he would be happy to talk about the 2018 federal farm bill or of the importance of keeping it local.  As without a good and safe supply of local food, there is no national security.


--Whitney Pratt

Whitney runs the show at Purple Frog.  She is at the Tuesday and Friday farmers markets and can be found working the soil or harvesting the veggies on Wednesdays during Volunteer Day from 9 to 12:30.  2018 is Whitney's third year at Purple Frog.  Whitney has a wide range of knowledge including FoodCorps from which she is a past graduate.